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Our clients have shared their positive experiences with us and we’re grateful for all the appreciating testimonials we receive from our customers. These words of encouragement inspire us to do better every day!

Nice initiative and needs replication in other parts of India
– N K Agarwal, Director – Swach Bharat Mission, MOHUA, Govt of India

Well organized and well managed plant. Compost quality is one of the excellent highlights of the process.
– Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Director – CSIR, NEERI Nagpur

It is interesting to note that 85- 90% of the waste generated at Nashik is processed at this site. I am informed that steps are being taken to ensure 100% processing of the waste generated in Nashik. I am sure that in the days to come, the corporation and MPCB and the concerned agencies will ensure that the SWM rules are implemented in Toto.

– J.P. Devdhar, Municipal Commissioner, Nashik

Learning from experience of 8 years as a Municipal commissioner of multiple local bodies in the state. This is a waste management project that is with long term vision and priority on the sustainable profitability through making multiple by products like briquettes, plastic granules and bio fertilizer that is sold in the market.I had visited similar plant, but this plant is in Nashik is lot better than its other plant.All the best..

-Kalam Patil

Paid a visit to the facility and saw the entire process today. Was delighted to experience the entire waste management technology first hand. It was heartening to see the Nashik Municipal Corporation handle such an important civic issue so successfully. We all have a lot to learn so much from this.

-Bhaskar Munde,

IAS, Chairman, Solid waste committee, Aurangabad

Best Role Model Plant to visit and understand SWM Techniques in India. All Technical Team are well qualified and have deep knowledge on the process. Thanks for hosting and planning my visit

– Anesh R Nair,

DM – Business Development, TATA PROJECTS LTD

Absolutely wonderful experience to visit your plant. Most satisfying part is to see the dedicated team headed by Nitesh Tripathi Ji and Ughade Ji. The very comprehensive management of a difficult material like MSW, in a very scientific manner, from collection of waste at source along with segregation to recovery of every possible value is remarkable. I would salute Col. Rege for his vision and passion!

– Ashwin Shroff,
Chairman, Excel Industries

I visited this facility to understand the feasibility of replicating it in Pondicherry. I was highly impressed by the professionally managed and efficiently run facility. I wish them all the best for their future success.
– Ravideep Singh Chahar,
Director, Local Administration Department & Ports IG (Prisons)

I’ve never seen such an excellently managed scientific disposal waste plant. The compost quality, prices, land capping, scientific landfilling, and RDF quality are all very good.
– Ramesh Pawar Municipal Commissioner, Nashik


Hats off to the visionary planning by all representatives and officers. It’s great to see them produce electricity by processing leachate. This MSW processing facility is of exceptional quality.

– Dr. Chandrakant
Pulkundwar Municipal Commissioner, Nashik

 It is one of the fully integrated waste-to-energy projects carried out by Col. Rege. Wishing future success to the project that contributes to addressing carbon emission issues.

– Mr. Shrimali,

IAS (Retd.)

Impressed by its size and efficiency. Very good waste management facility, with all types of processes. Very good team and management. Hope to see ‘waste to energy’ in the future.

K. Fukuda, B.G. Kulkarni & Harry Yamamoto, JFE Japan

 The NMC and the facility operator adopted one of the best and most robust integrated MSW facilities. The steps taken towards sustainable management are very much appreciated.
– Nischal C Scientist, ‘D’, CPCB, Pune

 “State of the art” facility & wonderful interaction & explanation by Mr. Mayuresh. Outstanding facility for Plastic Fuel, Briquetting, thermocoal, Retrofit of Shredder. From diesel electric. Will include them in best practices for City

– Dr Geetanjali Kaushik, Senior Cities Consultant for “NCAP”

Not just as a journalist but as a citizen I am pleased and happy to see the spine that keeps my city greener & cleaner. I want similar extensive efforts across India(Wish). Thank You, Team! Thank You – citizen.

– Yogendra Singh Shekhawat (Lokmat Times)