Today, the entire world is promoting renewable energy sources to ease the load on our finite sources. The increasing climate change concern is also leading top environmentalists to focus on other sources like biogas. It is produced when organic material degrades by microorganisms using anaerobic digestion. Biogas has around 50 to 70% methane and 30 to 50% carbon dioxide. It is used for heat, electricity production or even traffic fuel after the purification of biomethane. 

In India, there is over 6 billion INR investment in the biomass generation sector, resulting in the production of over 5000 million units of electricity in the process. The industry generates annual employment of 10 million man-days in remote villages, too.

There are many advantages to biogas for companies, people and the environment. These include:

Offers an Eco-Friendly Energy Source

Biogas is a green, renewable and clean energy source in the form of heat and electricity that promotes a sustainable future. There’s a lower emission of the greenhouse gases methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, making it eco-friendly. Also, the process is natural for the generation of biogas, unlike other types of renewable energies and it does not require additional energy. The raw materials used in the production of biogas are also renewable.

Reduces Soil and Water Pollution

Landfills that are overflowing don’t just spread foul odours but also release toxic drains into underground water sources. Biogas generation is, in fact, known to improve the quality of water. The anaerobic digestion deactivates pathogens and parasites and is effective in reducing waterborne diseases. Waste collection and management is significantly improved in areas with biogas plants.

Produces Organic Fertilizers

The by-product in the biogas generation process is enriched organic digestate, which is a great substitute or supplement to chemical fertilizers. It helps to accelerate plant growth and also offers resistance against diseases in the crop. On the contrary, commercial fertilizers contain chemicals that can have toxic effects and lead to food poisoning as well.

Encourages a Circular Economy

The technology used for biogas generation is relatively simple and cost-effective. The setup is easy with little investment on a small-scale. The smaller bio digesters can be used at home or small commercial kitchens to utilize kitchen waste and animal manure. The gas manifested from the plant can be used to power electricity or for cooking, making the cost of biogas production relatively low.

Farms can also benefit largely from biogas plants and the waste that their livestock produces every day. The waste of a cow can deliver enough energy to power a light bulb for the entire day.

Creates a Healthy Cooking Alternative

Biogas generators can reduce the hassles of finding firewood. As a result, there’s more time for cooking and cleaning. Also, cooking on a gas stove instead of an open fire prevents exposure to smoke for the entire family and keeps them away from respiratory diseases. Over 4.3 million people die each year prematurely from illnesses caused by household air pollution as they aren’t enough solid fuels for cooking. Biogas can surely help resolve this issue.

At Mailhem, we’re on a mission to enable biogas generation to as many cities, countries and communities as possible. We have a wide range of expertise and experience in biogas plants and can help you throughout the way – from concept to completion.

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Biogas is the fuel of the future.

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